Automotive Tint Provides Privacy & Protection for an Automotive Legend

Automotive Tint Provides Privacy & Protection for an Automotive Legend

We have to admit that it was more than a little flattering to get contacted by an automotive industry legend to apply automotive tint to their personal cars. Sundial has always prided ourselves on doing a top notch job, on location and in a way that makes the client feel completely comfortable. We recently received the call to install automotive tint on Barry Meguiar’s personal cars in his beautiful garage.

The setting was stunning and impeccably clean. We knew that these cars would be scrutinized wherever Barry takes them as his company is the champions of a clean car. Barry and his wife welcomed us and immediately made us feel comfortable. They wanted a top quality automotive tint for several of their cars. It needed to not only look good, but perform great as well.

We chose a combination of two different films we sell to provide the look and privacy that Barry wanted combined with significant heat rejection and UV rejection. This will not only keep the occupants more comfortable, it will also protect their skin and the interior surfaces from the damaging rays of the sun. Check out a few more pictures of his beautiful Mercedes S65 AMG after we completed the install.

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