Automotive Industry Legend Barry Meguiar Has Porsche Tinted by Sundial Window Tinting

Automotive Legend Barry Meguiar Has Porsche Tinted by Sundial Window Tinting

The team at Sundial Window Tinting takes pride in every vehicle that we tint, and this Porsche was no exception. The big difference was that this particular 1996 Porsche 993 belonged to automotive industry legend Barry Meguiar. Barry has been the president of Meguiar’s and the host of the popular television show Car Crazy. Most recently, Barry was named to the SEMA Hall of Fame as well as the Hot Rod industry’s Legends of Hot Rodding Award. Needless to say, this guy knows what a clean car is supposed to look like and his vehicles are flawless. That places a little more pressure on the window tinting process and we want to deliver as close to flawless results as possible.

That was no different with the particular Porsche 911. All older Porsches are increasing in value, and you want to ensure that any work you do on a collectable like this enhances the value rather than diminishes it. Barry chose a ceramic window tint that, in addition to looking great, will significantly block the heat and glare and make the car more comfortable. This ceramic window tint will also block the sun’s UV rays from entering the vehicle and damaging the interior.

It came out great and Barry was pleased. We are always humbled that the work that Sundial Window Tinting has done over the years speaks for itself and our customers seek us out time and time again whenever they need a new vehicle tinted. Here are a couple more pictures of this vehicle taken in Barry’s immaculate garage.

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