Window Film Used to Protect the Furnishings of this Beautiful Home

Window Film Used to Protect the Furnishings of this Beautiful Home

When you have furnishings and views like this stunning home in Rancho Santa Fe, you want to protect and maintain them. If you use traditional window coverings to block the UV rays and light from entering, you give up the wonderful views you had all of those windows installed to enjoy. If you leave the windows open, you risk the sun damaging these all wood, french pane windows, your floors, carpets and furniture. So, what is the solution? A home window film from Sundial Window Tinting.

After discussing the options with this homeowner, we decided to install a residential window film that is hardly detectable on the glass but would perform in such a way that it would the provide protection needed. This film blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as a portion of the visible light and solar heat that also contribute to fading and sun damage. As you can see in the gallery of pictures below, this film does nothing to detract from the views. In fact, it enhances the views by also reducing some of the glare.

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