Residential & Commercial Tinting

Why Tint Your Home or Office?

Tinting the windows of your residence or commercial building increases the value, comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your property. Whether you’re looking to enhance your dream home or protect the investment you’ve made in your commercial building, high quality tinting benefits you in all these ways:

  • Reduces sun damage and fading of your furnishings, carpets, and upholstery
  • Eliminates glare; provides more comfortable and beautiful environment
  • Increases energy efficiency; reduces air conditioning costs
  • Keeps glass together; reduces risks associated with shattering glass during an earthquake or hurricane
  • Protects glass from vandalism; slows down entry of criminals
  • Provides improved privacy


Several important questions to ask before you make in investment in tinting your property. You must begin with the highest quality materials. Sundial Mobile Tinting uses only the highest quality films that are backed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer (not from the tint shop). Expect a certificate of this warranty with your specific film numbers listed. At Sundial, you also get a lifetime guarantee on workmanship: if you ever have problems with your tint, know that you can call and it will be handled with no questions asked.


Depending on the season, most jobs can be scheduled within a week of your call.