Automotive Window Tinting

Why Tint Your Car?

You’ve already invested a lot in your vehicle so making sure you have a quality tint job
on your windows just makes sense. Tinting also gives you the following:

  • Reduces sun damage, fading and cracking of interiors; blocks 99% if harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Eliminates glare; increases the pleasure of driving
  • Keeps your car cooler by reducing the need for air conditioning and increasing your fuel efficiency
  • Improves the appearance of your car, adds to its aesthetic beauty
  • Gives you greater privacy

What Should You Look For?

Window Film Backed with a Manufacturer’s Warranty: Don’t settle for just a tint shop warranty (who knows how long they will be around…). You want a warranty, in writing, from the manufacturer so that you know your film is guaranteed for life. Sundial provides you with just such a warranty from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.

Installation Expertise: Ask your installer how many years of experience they have. With over 20 years of experience, you know you’re getting a master-level installation with Sundial–guaranteed for life. With less experienced installers, you’re far more likely to have contamination issues, faulty seals, inaccurate measurements, and unnecessary seams that can cause problems later.

Door Panel Removal: Less experienced and lower-bid tinters will often take a “short cut” of not bothering to remove the interior door panel. Removing the panel gives you a cleaner installation (less debris and contamination get’s picked up from the bottom), plus ensures more professional edges that won’t end up getting caught on weather striping and cause issues later.

Mobile Tinting for Ease and Peace of Mind: Sundial comes to YOU. That means you don’t have to hassle with traffic or leave your car some place unfamiliar and potentially unsafe. You also don’t have to wonder what is happening to your car, or who is out possibly joy-riding it, when you’re not there.

Custom Car Experience: Rest assured that your prized vehicle is in the hands of someone with years of experience dealing with custom cars. From celebrity sports cars to vintage and collector cars, Sundial has over 20 years experience treating luxury vehicles with the utmost care and respect.

When Can You Schedule My Install?

Depending on the season, most jobs can be scheduled within a week of your call.