About Rick Schrader & Sundial Window Tint

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.21.13 PMRick Schrader, owner/operator/installer of Sundial Mobile Tinting, has been a car enthusiast and has worked in the automotive industry since he was a teenager. He began Sundial Mobile Tinting right out of high school and the business has steadily and consistently grown via referrals for the past two decades. Rick is known for his high touch customer service, friendliness and his exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship.

As a native of Huntington Beach, Rick also knows the joys of the Southern California sun and surf lifestyle. Married for 20 years with two amazing children, Rick still finds time to catch waves multiple times per week in addition to being a busy dad and entrepreneur. On off hours, you’re likely to find him enjoying time camping in the dessert driving his Tatum car and hanging out with friends and family in his Monico motor home.

Rick has been rebuilding and detailing his own cars since before he got his driver’s license, starting with a Triumph TR250 he bought from his dad. These days, you’re likely to see him zipping down Highway 1 with his beautiful wife in his 1989 Carrara 911 or heading to the beach to catch some waves in his blue, restored 1971 VW Transporter.